Refurbished Nintendo Switch


A Condition: Like new condition with no scuffs, scratches, etc. On the screen or shell of the console.

B Condition: Minor scuffs, scratching, etc. On the screen and on the shell. Any scratches on the screen are light and won’t affect gameplay

C Condition: Moderate scuffs, scratching etc. On the shell of the console. Moderate scratching on the screen that might have minor effect on gameplay. Possible minor bending.

D Condition: Heavy scuffs, scratching, etc. Console could be severely bent; however, all functions of the console will work.

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A Nintendo Switch that has been Refurbished.

This is the refurbished console only, no accessories are included.

Each switch has been:

  1. Disassembled
  2. Broken parts repaired or replaced
  3. Fan cleared
  4. Screen cleaned
  5. Every function tested
  6. Fully updated (at the time of refurbishment)
  7. Reset to factory settings

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Condition A, Condition B, Condition C, Condition D


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